The Fleeting Future of Flickr?

Timoni West:

The most important page on Flickr is this one:

[…] The page fails on a fundamental level—it’s supposed to be where you find out what’s happened on Flickr while you were away. The current design, unfortunately, encourages random clicking, not informed exploration.

The page isn’t just outdated, it’s actively hurting Flickr, as members’ social graphs on the site become increasingly out of sync with real life. Old users forget to visit the site, new sign ups are never roped in, and Flickr, who increased member sign-ups substantially in 2010, will forego months of solid work when new members don’t come back.

I’ve been a Flickr Pro member for several years.  My wife and I used it to collect wedding photos from friends and family, to share pictures from our honeymoon in Bermuda and to document the last happy moments we had with our grandparents.  It was a simple and safe place share our memories.

But now, we mostly just keep sharing the stuff we put up years ago.  I’m just too lazy to take it down and I’m sure that Yahoo! will purge it for me soon enough.