My 2013 UX Tour

I wake up each morning with a clear sense of why I have the job that I have. I'm on a mission to inspire myself and influence others to make the world more intuitive.

As the owner of a small design/development company in Cleveland, OH, I have the opportunity to work with 15-20 fantastic consulting clients a year, and even more customers on our products and training front.

That said, 15-20 companies a year is a really slow way to change the world.

So, I'm heading out on a tour to inspire companies to think differently about how they do design. To help transform company cultures to pay more attention to how their users feel.

You can follow my journey on this blog, and on Twitter. Or, even better, you can join me on the way.

Public events for February and March, 2013

If you are able to come, shoot me a message and we'll make sure to connect while I'm there.